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19 May 2019
Nozzles Hot runner manifolds
The wideness of range of EMP nozzles comes from 35 years of active presence in the field of Hot Runner moulding.
More than 20 typologies of nozzles (Models), divided into more than 100 dimensional cathegories (series), available in the different standard lengths as well as in special executions, in function of the specific application needs, allow:
• freedom in planning, with a broad choice of methods of injection
• reliable performances
• uniformity and precision in temperature control
• as well as the processing of all main thermoplastics and elastomers
EMP hot runner manifolds represent the fruit of over 30 years experience and research. They can satisfy any gendre of application exigency and assure:
• heat uniformity and longest life of heaters
• lack of problems due to frictioning and/ or stagnation points
• perfect balancing of the channels
• lthe use of all thermoplastic materials
They are planned and manufactured in standard models as well as according to the specific needs of each application.

Guidelines for choosing the proper nozzle

Types of nozzle

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Manifold models
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