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19 May 2019
Probes and high temperature resistant items
Thermocouples and thermoresistances, standards: IEC 584-3 , ANSI , DIN43710
Technical data
Terminal blocks and plugs
Unipolar and multipolar ceramic terminal blocks, with metal parts in brass or stainless steel. High temperature bipolar plugs, insulated silicone rubber or steatite
Technical data
High temperature insulating sheaths, made of fiberglass or fiberglass impregnated with silicone rubber
Technical data
Compound and spray
EXTRACTOR: high-penetration releasing fluid with lubricating and oxide dissolving action. LUBRI-HOT: high-temperature anti-seizing compound with high thermal conductivity
Technical data
Power transmission cables for high temperatures, nickel-plated copper conductors. Compensated and extension cables for high temperatures.
Technical data
Silicone rubber products
Silicone rubber sealant, silicon rubber sheath, silicone rubber gasket
Technical data
Insulating materials
Mono adhesive and not adhesive fiberglass tissue impregnated with PTFE, mono adhesive and not adhesive. Rigid Muscovite mica sheets impregnated with silicone resin, hot pressed. Insulating plates for molds and heating plans.
Technical data



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