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19 May 2019
Industrial electric heating elements
EMP has gained many years of experience in the field of industrial heating, it is therefore always able to provide the best solution to specific customer requirements. Many products are manufactured in-house, others come from qualified Italian companies.. For these reasons, the range offered by the EMP is undoubtedly the most extensive available on the market today.
Cylinder heaters
Cylinder band heaters, mica or ceramic insulation
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Cartridge heaters
Without thermocouple cartridge heaters. low, medium and high power density High power density cartridge heaters, with built-in thermocouple.
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Immersion heaters
Submersible heaters to use in any kind of liquid, in tanks, reservoirs, heat exchange,etc. Available on flanges or threaded plugs and provided with normal or antideflagration protective caps. Sizes and powers: standard or to fit with clients' request.
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Flat heaters
Flat heaters with insulation made of mica or ceramic
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Minitubular heaters
High quality minitubular heaters that assure the best with respect to safety and performance. Minitubular heater owes it importance to his great versatility; the possibility to reach high working temperatures in small spaces allows to support the most difficult needs.
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Finned heaters and heating batteries
Finned heaters animed at satisfying all exigencies of air and gas conditioning. Wholly equiped heating sets in small, medium, big sizes; standard or made to measure. Materials: zincate or stainless steel Safety thermostats may be built in upon request Examining and designing of heaters to comply with your needs.
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Heaters for nozzles
PI and PZ model band heaters Minitubular coil heaters Casting heaters,with and without thermocouple
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Tubular heaters
Tubular heaters round or square, suitable for a high number of applications: water, oil, acids, air, and solids All requests for specific shapes, sizes and powers can be satisfied A full range of parts and fittings is available: sleeves, fixing flanges and washers. End - contacts: threaded, clamp - like or faston. Analysis and performance of all problems relative to heating supply.
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Infrared heaters
Infrared heaters and heating panels. Suitable for heating objects in motion.
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