The nozzles and manifolds in this catalogue represent more than 40 years of business experiences; the modifications they’ve undergone in time have improved them in reliability and life. 

The outlines to the installation and housings manufacturing by the customer are available in our website in the dwg – dxf - igs formats

Based on customer’s needs,  nozzles and manifolds are also planned and manufactured outside the standards  set out in this catalogue.

Some examples: 

  • Nozzles with characteristics and sizes similar to the standard models, except for their length 
  • Nozzles with characteristics and sizes comparable to the standard models but which - having to inject polymers with aggressive or strongly abrasive chemical additives - shall be manufactured with specific materials and/or treatments, which need to be assessed from time to time
  • Nozzles aimed at solving peculiar moulding needs, thus needing to be planned completely.
  • Hot runner manifolds with characteristics, shapes and sizes similar to the standard models, which due to particular needs or other reasons shall be re-drawn or manufactured with spcial steels. 
  • Hot runner manifolds with characteristics, shapes and sizes different from the standard models, having to be planned as a function of particular customer’s needs
  • Hot runner manifolds with innovative features. For their manufacturing, components are used which are different from the previously used ones and non traditional solutions are adopted


Hot runner systems made up of hot runner manifold and nozzle/s, which are assembled into a unique body and fitted out with their electric, pneumatic or hydraulic system.

The system is supplied ready to be integrated into the mould.


Hot runners like the above described ones, equipped- in addition – with the “FIXED HALF” of the mould.